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Javad GNSS, Inc. designs and develops GNSS receivers for high precision applications. It also offers Triumph chips, OEM boards, antenna types, and software applications. The company provides its products through a Web-based ordering system and distribution channels. Javad GNSS, Inc. was founded in 2005 by Dr. Javad Ashjaee and headquarter is based in San Jose, California. Its Moscow engineering Research & Development Center employs about 100 highly experienced scientist and engineers who have designed many generations of GNSS receivers and full-featured office post-processing software for high-precision Geodesy and GIS applications.

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Septentrio Satellite Navigation NV, designs, manufactures, markets and supports high-end dual-frequency GNSS receivers with the best possible performance at a very competitive price. Targeted at original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), Septentrio?s core technology is being applied in precise positioning, timing and attitude determination applications.

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IFEN GmbH is a leading provider of GNSS navigation products and services. IFEN’s complete portfolio of leading edge GNSS testing products includes GNSS RF signal generators, software receivers, test ranges, simulation and data processing tools. The NavX-NCS is the most flexible and capable RF signal generator for GNSS constellations on the market. The SX-NSR is a multi-frequency real-time software GNSS receiver for sophisticated scientific and signal analysis applications.

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Handheld is a leading supplier of rugged mobile computers and the fastest growing company in the sector. Its products are used in a wide spectrum of field applications, most often in the most demanding of environments. With more than 20 years of experience in the rugged industry, HandHeld has with great success implemented solutions for almost all types of businesses.



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